Bring back the 90’s

The track pants is back – hotter than ever!

The 90’s trend got huge during 2017 and it’s even bigger 2018. Go for a crazy colour with buttons along the side or a classier look with the black and white ones. Beside from being stunning, we can’t imagine a more comfortable trend, can you?


Teddy jacket

During winter you haft to decide. Be warm and comfortable. Or look good. But with the teddy jacket you don’t have to decide. It’s the perfect combo.

You can’t find a jacket as cozy as the teddy. And it’s the jacket everybody is talking about right now.

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We love denim


Back to basics.

Denim comes in so many different shapes and styles. Jeans, jackets, skirts. Dark, light, colored. Straight, flare, long, short. Denim is for everyone.

Right now we love the pink denim jacket. But of course the classic blue always works!


Denim on denim is 10 out of 10 points. And dark denim is hot this spring!


Pre-spring inspiration

Winter is going to be over soon and brighter times lay ahead. It’s time to prepare for spring! And what better way to celebrate a new season by adding some new, trendy outfits to your closet? Can’t think of anything.

This spring, you should go for pastels, flowers and patterns. Also, the color purple is extra hot this year. Here’s something to look forward to!

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New year, new me?

It’s 2018. It’s January. Time to set new goals and be a better version of yourself.

We bet many of you have joined the gym and exchanged pizza for salad. You have promised yourself that 2018 is the year your new habits will stick (but know deep down it will last three weeks). It’s a cliche, but cliches exists for a reason. And hey, three weeks is better that nothing, right?

The best part of this “new year, new me” is of course the excuse to buy new fresh clothes. The best motivation to go to the gym is if you’re wearing your new running shoes and matching sportswear. Maybe we should just call it “new year, new clothes”.
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New Year’s Eve

The party of the year! It’s getting close.

You’ve been planning this night for weeks. You want your dress to be perfect. You want your hair to be on point. You want flawless make-up and fancy nails.

Stressed out? Don’t be! Here’s a few tips:

– Wear something you feel comfortable in and you’ll naturally look good
– Behind every picture on Instagram, there is 100% stress
– With the right people, the night doesn’t need to go as planned
– Everybody is too focused on their own looks to care about what you are wearing

Just have fun and your New Year’s Eve will rock.

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