Turn your life around in 2017

Every year we set new year’s resolutions that we never seem to keep and buy beautiful planners (which we only use diligently for about 6 weeks, tops) in a bid to stay organised and goal-oriented. We all know at least one or two people who always seem to have their lives together and manage to stay on top of everything seemingly with little effort. Those who always manage to finish up their work and leave the office on time, have time to hit the gym and still maintain a super active social life. Yeah, those people. We hate ‘em because we wish we were more like them.

Well, if you’re serious about getting down to business and totally kicking ass in your professional and personal life this year, follow our lead….

These are the 4 habits of productive people that you definitely should develop if you want to reach your goals.

Don’t Just Set Goals, Set Deadlines Too 


Setting realistic goals is the first step. The second step is to give yourself a timeline (which should also be realistic) to achieve your goals and check in on your progress once in a while to make sure you’re on the right track. Wanna lose 5kg? Push yourself to do it within 3 months. Wanna start “giving back”? Sign up at your local charity foundations and tell yourself to volunteer at least once a month, example, every first Sunday of each month.

When you’ve assigned a timeline for your various goals, each goal will seem much more achievable once you’ve reached certain milestones. There’s an added sense of urgency attached to it too, so you’ll hopefully be much more driven to work hard to achieve your goals.

Don’t Let Technology Hold You Back 


There is always something new and exciting in the world of social media and the great abyss we call the Internet. We often find ourselves spending an extra 15 minutes lying in bed after our morning alarm has gone off just mindlessly scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, and of course, sleeping way too late every night because we just had to finish up the latest season of [insert TV series] on Netflix. When you look at all these pockets of time you spend on your laptops and phones and add them all up, you realize just how much time you’ve wasted each week.

Give yourself X amount of time each day or week that you can devote to the Internet and social media. For example, I take the time when I’m commuting back and forth from work to catch up on my various social media platforms and I’ve also made it a point not to use my laptop on weeknights. Instead of getting sucked into a YouTube or Netflix binge upon reaching home from work, how about dedicate a few hours to read books or bake? In turn, dedicate Saturday evenings for lazing around in bed with your partner, binge-watching shows and snacking for hours (after doing something fun, like hiking or visiting a museum). Balance is key. Don’t ever let technology steal your precious time!

Avoid Multitasking 


In this day and age, it’s hard to ever focus on just one task when there are distractions everywhere. Sure, people brag about being able to multitask, insisting that it increases productivity. We’ve got news for you! Wanna do things well, and do them quick? Focus your energy on one thing instead alternating between two or three things. When you try to juggle various tasks at once, your brain is never fully focused on any one of them. The consequence is that the chance of you making a mistake is higher and you’ll end up wasting more time than saving it. If what you need to do is important, give it the respect it deserves, which is your undivided attention.

Get Sufficient Rest 


Being productive doesn’t mean cramming as many activities as you possibly can into 24 hours. Sleep is vital to being productive every single day. You may think that you can function totally fine on little sleep, but in reality, you are completely overestimating your capabilities. Getting a minimum of 6 to 7 hours of sleep every night is not an option if you want to lead a productive and healthy life, it is downright a necessity. To have your body functioning at it’s best daily, plan your days out well in order for you to have sufficient rest every night. Your mind and body will thank you for it.

New Year New You: 4 Ways To Look Younger Without Botox

We all wanna stay #ForeverYoung, but cosmetic procedures like botox and facelifts can be costly and painful. If you’re looking for painless and affordable ways to hold on to your youthful looks, you’ve come to the right place! Here are needle-free ways to achieve a firmer and plumper-looking complexion!

Eat Fresh 

Photo Source


Avoid consuming too much sugar daily. A slice of cake every now and then won’t kill you but when you have too much sugar in your diet, glycation will occur. Glycation weakens the collagen and elastic in your skin (meaning you’ll lose that youthful plump appearance).


Ditch processed foods and consume fresh foods. Eat more fish that are high in omega-3 fatty acids which promotes healthy and glowing skin! Spinach is an excellent vegetable that you should be eating more of, as it’s rich in beta-carotene (which converts into the anti-aging Vitamin A). It’ll allow for proper moisture retention in your skin, which prevents the formation of wrinkles!



Drink Up 

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Not drinking enough water is one of the most common bad habits that dry out your skinIf your system is dehydrated, that means your skin is too. Dehydrated skin = wrinkles! Stay hydrated throughout the day with any of these delicious detox waters that are super easy and cheap to DIY. They’re not as boring as plain old water and are chock-full of vitamins!



Follow The Rules 

Photo Source


You can slather on pricey creams and pay for expensive facial treatments but none of that will matter if you don’t take care of your skin every single day. You’ll start to see the difference within a month!



Change Your Makeup Routine 

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If you’ve got dry skin, dump any powder products as they dry out your skin even more and can accentuate lines.

That’s a wrap, folks! Hope you enjoyed the brief breakdown. Stay beautiful and lit throughout 2017 😌


Why We Love Ankle Boots & So Should You

By the end of this article, you’re definitely going to be convinced to get yourself a pair.

#1: It’s comfortable as hell.

If you’re all about comfort, the booties are your best bet. You can wear them all day and then to party at night!

#2: It goes well with anything and everything.

Anything – literally anything will look good with ankle boots. Scroll on for proof.

#3: Your casual wear is instantly elevated with the boots.

Elevate the simplest of outfits with a pair of sleek booties.

#4: It toughens up your feminine outfit.

On some days, you’re feeling more like a rock star and want to wear a particular (feminine) dress. Try pairing your dresses with an edgy (possibly studded) pair of boots to toughen up your look.

#5: Wear it with shorts/skirt and you’ll appear to have longer legs.

Something about how ankle booties cut above your ankle gives the illusion that your legs are longer than they really are.

#6: People might mistake you for a model-off-duty.

Booties are most commonly noticed on models that are off-duty, either after a fashion show or just on the streets. Pair it with a casual band-tee for an effortless look.

#7: Put on a blazer and it’s good for meetings.

The ankle boots can also be worn to meetings, ideally with a blazer. Best of both worlds they say!

Convinced that ankle boots are all that you need now? Don’t forget to share your #OOTD with your booties on reve app. If you need a pair, get yours in reve today!

(P.S. Always strut in your boots with confidence)

Your Halloween Fashion Guidebook

Looking for Halloween costumes for you and your partner or BFF this year? We all know we’re gonna see a ton of Joker & Harlequin costumes this year and we’re sure you don’t wanna look just like everyone else. The only way you can make sure that you don’t turn up in the exact same outfit as someone else is to make your own costume!

Keep scrolling for some serious Halloween outfit inspiration that are stunning and thankfully, so simple to DIY!

Mad Max

Photo Source

We love Mad Max for its strong feminist message and of course, the amaaaazing costumes in the movie. To recreate the badass, biker meets tribal warrior looks, you will need a little makeup and a great imagination.

Dig out any old clothes from your wardrobe that you don’t wear anymore (preferably in neutral colors like cream, brown, black and grey), rip them up in strategic spots and layer on leather and metal accessories. Bonus points if you can be bothered to use a little makeup or paint to stain your outfit to make it look like you’ve really been down and dirty. Finish off your looks with messy hair and combat boots.

Here are some tips on how to distress and stain your unwanted apparel to make it look super legit.

Photo Source

Bonnie & Clyde 

Photo Source

Hands down one of the most stylish outlawed couples in history, Bonnie & Clyde are the perfect inspiration for any couple looking for last minute costume ideas. You can create any of their iconic looks by mixing and matching items from your own closets! Bonnie, don’t forget the silk scarf and beret, and for Clyde, all you need is a sharp suit and a fedora. If you can score toy guns to complete your outfits, that would be the cherry on top!

Photo Source

The Great Gatsby

Photo Source

Relive the roaring 20’s and all that jazz by channeling F. Scott Fitzgerald’s beautiful debutante Daisy Buchanan and the mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby.

This is an incredibly chic costume option for a big group of girls too. Imagine all that glitz! Pick a party dress (anything that has sequins, lace or fringe) and accessorize with elbow-length satin or lace gloves, pearl necklaces and a beaded headband. Wanna go all out? Add a feather boa or faux fur shawl to really turn heads.

Your makeup and hair can make or break your look. Check out one of the best Gatsby hair tutorials(the costumes are beyond gorgeous too!) and this super easy hairdo!

Photo Source
Photo Source

Mary Poppins & Bert

Photo Source

“Anything can happen if you let it.” is a lesson both adults and kids can learn from Mary Poppins. It’s not at all difficult to dress up as Mary and Bert. For Mary, you’ll need a crisp white shirt, midi black skirt. Accessorize with her signature black hat (don’t forget the little white and red flowers on the sides!), red bow tie and white gloves. As for Bert, just throw on a grey suit (if you’re not wearing a blazer, a vest or suspenders will do), a thin red scarf and a beret.

Photo Source

90’s Club Kids

Photo Source

If any of the ideas we’ve mentioned above seem too dull for you, give this a go. Reinterpret the club kids of the 90’s however you want! Go full fledge retro. The key to nailing this look is to be as bold as possible.

Clash different prints and super bright colors and most importantly, don’t hold back. Don’t forget to do your hair! Are you a real club kid if you don’t have glitter in your hair? We think not. Follow this tutorial for the sparkliest hairdo ever.

Photo Source




We are as stoked as everyone for Halloween, and can’t wait to parade the streets in our latest costumes! We do hope you enjoyed reading this article and do leave a feedback if you have thought of any ideas and would like to share it with everybody.

P.S. A quick tip: Any party dress with decent smudged make-up is the fastest way to pull off an extraordinary look. You can always check out the NLY Ones Party Dresses in reve app itself for the full collection that Nelly has.

Do remember to reve your Halloween outfits! You stand a chance to win 2000kr worth of exclusive Nelly Products by merely following Nelly in reve, upload your best Halloween look/collage and #NellyHolic

Life Revolves Around Living, Not Around Disability

“The only disability in life is a bad attitude.”

-Scott Hamilton


If you think that the Olympics 2016 was impressive, wait till you catch the Paralympics 2016. Team reve is as gutted as anybody who followed the Paralympics now that the games are over. Despite their physical disabilities, these athletes portrayed their superhuman abilities through their performance in Rio. The grid and tenacity they displayed was out of this world.

An Opening to Remember

The games kicked off on September 7th, 2016 with a great ceremony in Rio, the highlight of which was a pyrotechnic-filled show that ended with Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham “flying” down a  six-story high mega ramp and launching into a full flip through a large ring, all that done on a wheelchair?!?!

If you missed the opening of the 2016 Rio Paralympics, you can see the highlights from the ceremony here.

reve would like to pay tribute to all the athletes for not only giving their best but for inspiring mankind. They train just as hard as their Olympic counterparts and definitely deserve as much credit for their performance.

We might not be able to match the performance of the athletes, but the minimum we can do is to show our appreciation to them. This post on Paralympics Fashion is to show that they are no different from any of us. In fact, they look better than most of us.

asos_paralympicsChief Executive Officer at ASOS.com, Nick Robertson stated: “We are proud to be the formalwear supplier for the Paralympics GB team. We are excited at the opportunity to showcase the very best of our design house by creating a fashionable moment for the team. At ASOS we believe fashion is democratic and what better platform to celebrate than this?”
paralympic-outfits-for-team-germanyTeam Germany
cpc1Team Canada
jonnie-peacockJonnie Peacock, Team Great Britain sprinter
paralympics-1900x700_cTeam Great Britain
Vogue_Australia-500x337.jpgTriathlete Emma Moffat (left) and paralympic swimmer Ellie Cole (right) in Vogue Australia
130716180916911_151284387Brazil’s Terezinha Guilhermina is famous for her spectacular performances and outfits
70ac6d3266d1760b53e4dd71a50c1c47.jpegMadison de Rozario from Australia bringing joy to the community with her contagious smile
socialfeed-info-introducing-the-2016-looks-of-the-swedish-olympic-team-and-swedish-paralympicTeam Sweden
Joining Caitlyn Jenner are stalwarts like Chelsea Werner, a gymnast who has never let Down Syndrome stop her from pursuing her dreams, surfer Mike Coots who still takes to his board even though he lost his leg in a shark attack and boxer Namibia Flores who has fought against prejudice to make it big in life.

It certainly makes us sad that the Paralympics got far less exposure and recognition when they deserve it just as much. The next Paralympics will be held in Tokyo, Japan in 2020. Do remember to support your local heroes in the next games! They trained as hard as or even harder than our able-bodied athletes and will definitely go a long way with our support!

Sure proof way to make any outfit look expensive

If you’re a girl on a budget, listen up!  Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

Whether it’s a statement leather belt or a pair of brightly coloured sunnies, accessories are an absolute must-have if you’re trying to elevate your outfit.

1cc1c8e757091ed22806a5115fe224aaPhoto Source

First up, we have the ever-so-versatile choker. Wear it plain to amp up your day look or with a broach or pendant to add a little sparkle to your evening ensemble. Beware, this trend is here to stay.

kendall-jenner-out-and-about-in-paris-06-26-2015-1Photo Source

Photo Source

As seen on Kendall Jenner, a statement leather belt is a wardrobe essential! The leather belt not only helps to amp up definition to your silhouette but also gives you a streamlined curvy shape. Pairing it with gold plated buckles instantly levels up “luxury” game to your outfit.

rfuas1-l-610x610-le+fashion-blogger-sunglasses-cardigan-t+shirt-bag-hat-burgundy-celebrity+style-ring-bluePhoto Source

The real MVPs: Sunglasses. The most stylish and functional accessory, yet they are commonly overlooked in the accessories department ?!

How-to-wear-white-coat-off-the-shoulder-forever-21-crop-top-1080x720Photo Source

Throw on a pair of statement sunglasses to complete your outfit. For a touch of sophistication, opt for classic sunnies like aviators or club masters in black or tortoiseshell.

Photo Source

Chunky necklace! This is a good hack to elevate your otherwise casual and plain outfit. Styling your outfit up with chunky necklaces is nothing new anymore. Fashionistas have been known since long for big necklace trend combined with any outfit. Whether it’s handmade or bought, they can certainly be worn to brighten up your day (and your outfit, of course).

layering-thin-necklaces-and-pendants-evil-eyePhoto Source

By adding this one simple piece, your outfit will now have colour, texture and that extra x-factor that will give your outfit an individual take. Alternatively, go the subtle route and layer a few dainty necklaces. (Coachella, they say )

With all that being said, remember not to over-accessorize! The key to looking sophisticated is simplicity. You don’t really need a huge drawer full of accessories, you only need to invest in a few pieces that can take you through the seasons.

Shop the look: 









5 Tips To Appear Taller

In our first blog post, we would like to introduce you to a ‘height hack’.

When it comes to height, it always seems to be a case of wanting what we can’t have. You may not be able to change the length of your leg, but you can definitely change how tall you look.

1. Play with a subtle side slit

Nelly Slit DressPhoto Source

2. Pair with your top with vertical striped bottoms

Photo Source

 Unlike horizontal stripes that are notorious for its widening effect, dressing with vertical stripes has a magical lengthening effect. It instantly gives an illusion of extra height to your frame. Yet, if you do not style it properly, you may end up looking like a total fashion disaster.

Pro Tip: Instead of going for a solid or printed pair of pants when getting ready in the morning, try on a pair with side stripes instead.  Side stripes will elongate your silhouette, making your legs visually longer and leaner.

3. Rock your high waisted pants/shorts

a308c98e4a684a07520a7b814766d5d5.jpgPhoto Source

The trick to “legs for days” lies in a high waistline. Tucking a shirt into a high-waisted skirt or pants will create some confusion (in the best possible way) about where your gams actually start. This particularly works wonders for women with a longer torso and shorter legs.

4. Slip on a V neck top

Photo Source

Look for tops with vertical necklines. A great, classic option is the v-neck. A deep v-neck keeps the eye looking up and down, while crew necks, scoop necks, and other horizontal necklines draw the eye side to side.

5. Tie a top Knot

Photo Source

The top knot is your cheat code to look taller in seconds. No more poky straight hair or spending hours on a hair do. Just tie the top knot and your set to go.

Tell us what you think in the comments section 👇 or if you do have any other hacks to share with other users. That’s all for today folks, see you guys real soon!