Brr.. it’s getting cold

The winter is coming. But don’t be sad!

Now you can finally dress yourself in a cozy and fancy winter coat. They come in all shapes and colours, so just choose your favourite.

Reve will help you beat the cold.. and help you look really good when you do it.


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Raise your voice!

We, at Reve, stand for women’s rights and will always encourage the empowerment of women.

We think the message of #metoo is of high importance and that’s something that should be noticed and spread across the board. Sexual harassment and assault is not acceptable and there should be no tolerance for it in this world. We hope that #metoo will be a step in the right direction against preventing any sexual harassment! From Reve, we will support and defend the cause as its own. No step backward shall be allowed!

Halloween is here!

What do you want to be for Halloween?

Spooky? Sexy? Hilarious?

How about trendy?

When you think of Halloween, trendy isn’t what comes to mind. Think again! Dress yourself in velvet, lace and leather; materials that never go wrong. Use ruffles or sparkle up in a glittery suit; two of the hottest trends of the season. A pair of high knee boots will make every outfit trendy and work whether you dress up as a cat, a vampire or a witch. And if you are one of those last minute kind of people, top your simple outfit with a pair of ears and fierce make-up and you are ready to go!

I’m Rosanna! This is what you should wear this fall

Hi everyone!

I am Rosanna Singh, Reve’s newest addition. I am a passionate fashion student who is basically always studying the subject, both behind the school bench and out in real life. Fashion never sleeps, it is everywhere and anywhere. My heart beats a little extra for faux fur coats and designer handbags and if I could dream I would have a walk-in closet full of them.

At Reve I will work with Content Marketing and give you all the fashion inspiration you need. You will never miss the latest trend or the new collection that eventually will hang in everybody’s closet. With my help you will be the first in the group to know about it!

To be the center of attention this fall you should be bold in your fashion choices. Don’t hold back on the colours! Red, yellow, pink and a lot of glitter. And of course, like every fall, the cozy knitwear never gets old, preferably with balloon sleeves. Add a faux fur coat and you are ready to go!

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