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Why We Love Ankle Boots & So Should You

By the end of this article, you’re definitely going to be convinced to get yourself a pair.

#1: It’s comfortable as hell.

If you’re all about comfort, the booties are your best bet. You can wear them all day and then to party at night!

#2: It goes well with anything and everything.

Anything – literally anything will look good with ankle boots. Scroll on for proof.

#3: Your casual wear is instantly elevated with the boots.

Elevate the simplest of outfits with a pair of sleek booties.

#4: It toughens up your feminine outfit.

On some days, you’re feeling more like a rock star and want to wear a particular (feminine) dress. Try pairing your dresses with an edgy (possibly studded) pair of boots to toughen up your look.

#5: Wear it with shorts/skirt and you’ll appear to have longer legs.

Something about how ankle booties cut above your ankle gives the illusion that your legs are longer than they really are.

#6: People might mistake you for a model-off-duty.

Booties are most commonly noticed on models that are off-duty, either after a fashion show or just on the streets. Pair it with a casual band-tee for an effortless look.

#7: Put on a blazer and it’s good for meetings.

The ankle boots can also be worn to meetings, ideally with a blazer. Best of both worlds they say!

Convinced that ankle boots are all that you need now? Don’t forget to share your #OOTD with your booties on reve app. If you need a pair, get yours in reve today!

(P.S. Always strut in your boots with confidence)

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