We love denim


Back to basics.

Denim comes in so many different shapes and styles. Jeans, jackets, skirts. Dark, light, colored. Straight, flare, long, short. Denim is for everyone.

Right now we love the pink denim jacket. But of course the classic blue always works!


Denim on denim is 10 out of 10 points. And dark denim is hot this spring!


Pre-spring inspiration

Winter is going to be over soon and brighter times lay ahead. It’s time to prepare for spring! And what better way to celebrate a new season by adding some new, trendy outfits to your closet? Can’t think of anything.

This spring, you should go for pastels, flowers and patterns. Also, the color purple is extra hot this year. Here’s something to look forward to!

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New year, new me?

It’s 2018. It’s January. Time to set new goals and be a better version of yourself.

We bet many of you have joined the gym and exchanged pizza for salad. You have promised yourself that 2018 is the year your new habits will stick (but know deep down it will last three weeks). It’s a cliche, but cliches exists for a reason. And hey, three weeks is better that nothing, right?

The best part of this “new year, new me” is of course the excuse to buy new fresh clothes. The best motivation to go to the gym is if you’re wearing your new running shoes and matching sportswear. Maybe we should just call it “new year, new clothes”.
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New Year’s Eve

The party of the year! It’s getting close.

You’ve been planning this night for weeks. You want your dress to be perfect. You want your hair to be on point. You want flawless make-up and fancy nails.

Stressed out? Don’t be! Here’s a few tips:

– Wear something you feel comfortable in and you’ll naturally look good
– Behind every picture on Instagram, there is 100% stress
– With the right people, the night doesn’t need to go as planned
– Everybody is too focused on their own looks to care about what you are wearing

Just have fun and your New Year’s Eve will rock.

long dressesshort dresses


Gifts for her

Christmas is just getting closer and closer. I bet some (many) of you haven’t bought those christmas gifts yet. Well, let us help you with presents for the ladies.

Something every women must own is pyjamas. Your mother will love the luxurious silk in a discreet tone. For your friend or sister, you should get a cute one with bright colors or a floral pattern. However, if you choose to go for something else other than clothes, our advice is kitchen supplies or something nice for the home.

123 – 4

Gifts for him

The time has come to finally start Christmas shopping

And today we talk about men. Those who seem to have everything they need or whose answer to what their wish for is “a sports car”. Unfortunately, unless we get a lot of help from Santa, most of us can’t buy a sports car for the boys.

But don’t worry. Reve has the solution to your problems.

You can never go wrong with accessories. Have you noticed that your brother doesn’t have a wallet to put his cards in? Does your dad always have freezing hands and needs a pair of gloves? Or is your boyfriend’s underwear getting a little bit too old? You can fix that!

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Christmas is coming

December is here and that means one thing. Christmas. The most cozy time of the year.

It’s the time of sparkling lights everywhere, cuddling up in the sofa with a cup of hot chocolate, eating a little to much chocolate and spend time with your loved ones. But. It’s also the time of shopping. You want to find the perfect christmas gifts for your mum. You also want to give your boyfriend something he will never forget. Or to surprise your friend with an amazing gift. And don’t forget yourself. For all the christmas festivities you need a lot of red cute dresses. A dream come true, right?

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The perfect jacket

The search for the perfect faux fur jacket is over. Because we’ve finally found it!

It’s warm, cozy, gorgeous and… yeah, just perfect.

And what’s even better? It comes in four different colours. Are you the “less is more” kind-of-girl that always goes for black? Or do you like to go outside the box with fuchsia? Either way, you will look stunning!

BLACK – FUCHSIA (left) – GREEN (right) – BROWN

Hottest colour of the year

Of course we’re talking about RED. The colour you just can’t miss.

Everything looks a little bit better if it’s red. Jackets, dresses, shoes, lips. It’s without doubt the colour of the year.

Soon december is coming up and christmas is on the calendar. Get into the christmas spirit and wear red. Christmas never looked so trendy!

Red. The colour of love. And we love it.

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