Vacation coming up

Flowy dresses, sunglasses, cute bikinis, slippers and a straw bag. Do you feel it? Vacation.

It’s the time of relaxing. Exploring new places. Take a swim in the ocean. Eat a lot of ice cream. And of course, looking fab while you’re doing it.


Hottest trend right now!

A dream has come true. The most comfortable shoes ever is finally in style. And they work with everything; jeans, dresses, skirts and shorts. If you want to add something cute to your outfit you should go for the furry ones. There are also the classy sandals in suede or the sporty ones that look amazing with a casual look. Just choose your style!123456

Summer dress

The sunny days are finally here. And what is better than to put on a cute (and comfy!) summer dress? This summer the frill wrap dress and the linen dress is trendier than ever. Go for a light color like white or blue to get that summer feeling. Enjoy!12345 – 6

The scarf

The hottest accessory this summer – the head scarf.

There are endless ways to style a scarf around your hair. You can add a cute bow tie around your ponytail or your bun. Or why not tie it around your head with your hair out.

The scarf is a simple accessory but will add that extra touch to your look. We love it!

12 – 345

The 90s cut is back

This trend brings us back right to an episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S and it totally have a Rachel Green vibe. And who doesn’t love the fashion in the show?

This year the straight cut is back and it’s hotter than ever. You can see it on crop tops, dresses, bathing suits and bikinis. It’s simple and totally gorgeous.

We love denim

Think outside the box. Mix and match. Denim has no limits.

This spring we see denim in all forms. Pants, jackets, skirts, dungarees. Our favorite is the crop top jeans jacket. And jeans och jeans is hot this spring.

Enjoy the sun in your favorite denim!

1 – 2345


Beach babe

Bikini season is around the corner and this year is filled with cute trends. The bathing suit is hotter than ever and the 80th high cut model is back! Another trend you can’t miss is frills. The more the merrier! Add a cute accessory like a headband and you’re good to go!



Spring is here!

Spring is officially here. Finally.

The days are getting lighter and so should our clothes. Replace black with white and dress yourself in light pastell colours. This spring we love matching sets and the dungaree dress.


Time to find the perfect dress

The time for graduation and prom are near. Or are you going to a wedding this summer? Skip the stress and start looking for your dress today!

The most important thing on your special day is to have fun. The second most important thing is too look good, am I right? That means find the perfect dress.1234 – 5


Fresh sneakers

Soon the snow will be gone and it’s time to switch from your winter boots to spring sneakers. What a feeling, right?

A pair of new fresh sneakers will make every outfit on point. This spring we love suede sneakers a little extra.

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